Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Brad's getting married. He's moving to San Antonio TODAY.

Great, right?

Except... now what do I do? Choose between my job and kids? He wanted to take Haley with him (can you say Oh, HELL no!?) Only, now I'm doing some serious juggling to take care of the classes I already have on the schedule and wondering how I can schedule future ones....

Obviously, there's no choice, but... why when things just seem like they might be getting easier? Nice notice. Ugh. FML.

Also, the kids are not happy about it. Actually, Carsten does seem kind of happy about it, but even stated, "Is he allowed to do that to you?" - from the mouths of babes.

Haley is all teary. I think she feels like he's deserting her. And I guess in a nine-year-old's mind he is. The fiance can't move here 'cause SHE has a residency restiction because of her kids. So he's choosing to move there. To Haley it must seem like he's choosing Janet's kids over her.

What a mess.

Good news, he breaks the 50 mile BS clause in the custody papers, it gets lifted from me as well (ssshhhh, don't tell him).

I'm moving to the beach to live in a hut where my crafty daughter can make necklaces to sell and I can rent my beastly son out for slave labor... while I drink margaritas. Anyone else coming?

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