Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I am seriously tired of people being over sensitive. We are doing a weight challenge at work. 6 weeks of boot camp and following a meal plan.

Last night, my coworker was talking to her husband on the phone. She gave him a list of stuff to get at the grocery store. He did not get any of it. Of course he is fit but he follows all sorts of weird meal plans. He can do whatever he wants because he bikes about 100+ miles a week.

So of course I said something about people sabotaging meal plans. It is a fact that the people closest to you are the ones that consciously or unconsciously sabotage your meal plan. He is not doing on purpose, I am sure. She got all defensive and pissy. Like I was saying her hubby is a jackass. Excuse me if he is a jackass i will tell you so. Quit being so defensive.

That makes me wonder if she doth protest too much. Maybe he is actively sabotaging her meal plan. I really don't give a fuck either way. So back off bitch and quit giving me grief because you are bitching about your effin husband. I am SO sick and tired of this bullshit. Got a job opening sent to me for Fort Bliss. I might just fuckin' go.

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