Monday, July 27, 2009


Ok, I have been saving up for a while.

1. Why don’t people listen. I told you that I want you to do one thing. I don’t care how pretty it is as long as you get it done. So why do you care that that box overlaps the other one. I DON’T CARE!!!! JUST GET IT DONE!!!
2. People suck. How can someone not see that the poor dog was really sick? And then is so stubborn that when people offered to take the dog you won’t let them have it. You only give him to someone after the media highlights the poor dogs story and you get negative attention. The dog has no skull musculature you insensitive mother fucker. Blind, emaciated, yet still striving for a little love and attention and you left her tied outside. You better hope I never actually set eyes on you. I can’t even do an internet search to read her story because if I find out who you are I am going to come to your house and beat the living hell out of you.

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