Friday, August 7, 2009

Something wrong with me

Why do I suddenly want everything. Better house, better car, more things inside my house, trips to places I have never been, stuff for the kids.... I just don;t understand why all of the sudden I am not happy with what I have.

I have never been a grass is greener on the other side person before. I like my grass not matter how brown it was. But now I am wanting more.

Guess I will work through this, I have to. I will not have spending money until all the kids more out for sure. Until then I will have to figure out what is most important and work on saving till I can get it. Sigh....


  1. I so know this feeling, and even why you are having it, but, unfortunately, that isn't going to stop you from having it.

    Life has been a struggle from start to very recently for you - a battle for every little thing that you were up against; and you were doing it all on your own. You were your sole resource and that was it. Surviving was the first, and only, goal. You, yourself and you... puts things into a very different light for people who haven't had to do things alone.

    Life has changed for you recently; you've met someone you can rely on, care about and know will be there for you and your kids. It takes the bright shining light off merely surviving and allows you to focus on other things now that you are secure in that area of your life.

    It's human nature to want more... and most people do it in order of importance:
    Emotional well-being
    (actually there are seven stages, but I won't go so far)

    I suppose congratulations are in order... your emotional well being is finally being taken care of and you finally have enough space to want something more! :-) It's human nature to strive for improvement - if it wasn't what would there be to look forward to in life? In fact, that is what is wrong with depressed people - they can't find their motivation.

    Irony at it's finest:
    If you don't have the things prior to each stage, they won't matter to you one bit. There's only so much one person can worry about. :-(

  2. hmmm, and I thought it was just a shiny new car I wanted. haha j/k, that all makes sense, thanks.