Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sorry, that text wasn't meant for you

We have all done it before, sent a text/IM to the wrong person. Most of the time it is really no big deal. Just the other day I sent my co worker details on IM about a trip I want to take with Shawn, so not a really big deal.

However this morning I received a text that was not meant for me:

"Morning sex? Who's being trouble now"
Followed up by:
"Agh wrong text. Funny though that was you. Sorry"

The funny part is that I received this from my ex boyfriend. We are friends now so it will make for a funny joke next time we hang out. But really, that is not something you should send out without checking the name first.

So what is the worst that you sent to the wrong person?


  1. Uh... I believe it said, "Would you please just f*ck me?"

    It was bad.

    The response was, "Sure!" Uh-oh. Try and weasel out of that... "Sorry, didn't mean you. See you at work tomorrow!"

  2. Oh, bet I know the inteded recipient, too. :-)

  3. Intended. That was bothering me.