Friday, June 5, 2009

The Experiment

Funny how one little act can really make you question everything about ... well... everything.

And so there I was wondering, and perhaps feeling somewhat rueful and tossed away - yet again (and this time, my own fault, fool me twice...), and decided to check whether it is exactly as I think it is or if I'm perhaps a little neurotic and overwork things in my head... Of course that could be true anyway.

And it went something like this: For the entire week I didn't call anyone or do anything which might alert someone to my presence - exception, I did call one person as I deemed it necessary to wish a happy birthday, and got a text back that he didn't want to talk - and my phone and email were silent. SILENT. No one even called to wish my son a happy birthday.

And there you have it: I could completely skip the grid and no one would notice. Time to find some new 'friends'.



  1. Funny, I wasn't calling because of the other thing. Thought you might be busy.