Monday, June 22, 2009

Hash Cruise

I may be going on the hash cruise this year. Mah Hunnay wants to go, all I need to do, is come up with $2500 and I can swing it.

Hey Universe, I want you to consider this my official request for you to bring me $2500 in cash. I need you to hurry it up since the deadline is fast approaching.

While I'm asking you for things, how about you throw in another $7500 so I can pay off some debts, fix my car, get a new passport and some other things.

You know what, why be bashful, just make it an even $25,000 and I'll call it good. For now. Oh yeah, did I mention I need all that by July 1st?



  1. Send Jerri to Vegas with your money and she might make it for you!