Monday, June 22, 2009

Got Talent?

Well my man does. My mom gave me some pictures that needed to be retouched. He happened to pick the following picture to work on first. And guess where my mom is this week? Taking care of the women in the picture. She is my step dad's mom and is 98 years old.

Here is the comments my mom sent back to Shawn when he sent her the picture back.

I showed the picture to Greg's mom. Here is a little history, The 48 Ford in the drive was a Christmas gift, it was in the showroom window around $3000.00 new, this was an expensive car at that time.
She remembered the dress because she made it. The place is Beverly Drive in Charlotte North Carolina. It was Easter, She became pregnant two months later.
The boys were almost 5 and almost 4. She was almost 38 years old.
This made several large smiles on an old ladies face,
Thanks so much



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